Dr. Brandon B. Barile

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Selected Workshops, Publications, and Events


  • 2015 GLBT Issues Scholar/Research Award: NASPA GLBT Knowledge Community, Research award and grant for emerging research on LGBTQ administrators and perpetuation of the lavender ceiling


Student Affairs Matters Conference (Binghamton University)

  • Empowering Students: One Week at a Time, Presenter, 2015, Binghamton University Conference


  • Developing Your Resident Assistant Training Program, Cohort Instructor, 2015, Online & Orlando, FL
  • Assisting Students with Disabilities, Panel Facilitator/Host, 2015, vRoundtable
  • A Systems Approach to Processes Analysis: Applying Process Improvement Models to Housing Operations, Co-Presenter, 2015, Webinar
  • Developing and Refining a Resident Assistant Training Program, Presenter, 2012, Anaheim
  • vRoundtable: Training: Latest Trends in Training Paraprofessionals, Co-Presenter (Koch, V. & Barile, B), Creating a learning-outcome based training that includes utilization of technology, 2012
  • Developing and Refining a Resident Assistant Training Program: Subject Matter Expert/Course Designer, 2011; (course update) Fall 2014
  • Finding “Me”: Being a New Mid-Level Manager, Presenter, 2012, Anaheim
  • Not-So-Independent: Engaging Residents in Transitional Apartment Communities, Presenter, 2009, Baltimore
  • Tweeting Technology: Low-cost Technological Solutions for Housing & Residence Life Operations, Presenter, 2009, Baltimore


  • Developing and Refining a Resident Assistant Training Program: 2012, Columbus, OH


  • Personal Empowerment, Presenter, Annual National Conference 2013, Orlando:  Developing programs for academic and social success for at-opportunity populations
  • Knowledge Communities: GLBT Issues, Technology, Socioeconomic & Race


  • Reevaluating, Renewing, Reenergizing: Rebuilding your R.H.A., Presenter, NACURH 2008, UC Berkeley


  • Just Be: Keynote Speaker, Clarity Connects Event, Elmira, NY
  • EQ Keynote Speaker/Workshop Facilitator (1/2 day, November 2012): Binghamton University
  • EQ & Leadership: Keynote Speaker/Workshop Facilitator (1/2 day, January 2013): Lasell College
  • EQ Workshop Facilitator (1 hour, March 2013): Student Leadership Institution, Ithaca College
  • EQ Training Facilitator (Full day, August 2013): Professional Staff Training, SUNY Cortland
  • EQ Training Facilitator (1/2 day, January 2014): RA Staff Training, SUNY Cortland
  • EQ Training Facilitator (1/2 day, January 2016): SUNY Geneseo


No Vans Needed, Talking Stick, 33 (2)
Interviews and discussion of campus-based service opportunities

Technology and resident assistant training: Utilizing (likely) already available software to improve R.A. training and cut costs, Journal of Technology in Student Affairs, 10 (2)

Conversations: Spreading the Cost of Facility Damage, Talking Stick (March/April 2012)

Conversations: Living In, Living On, Moving Out, Talking Stick (January/February 2012)