Dr. Brandon B. Barile

Thoughts on life, empowerment, parenthood, and higher education…


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I’m lucky that I get to speak about what I am passionate about: developing young adults and creating a hunger for empowerment and living authentically. At the end of each talk, you will leave inspired to implement an action plan.


I’ve had the opportunity to speak with high school students, college students, young professionals, and senior leaders on emerging trends in education, including a focus on empowerment, authentic leadership, and emotional intelligence. Understanding these core concepts can lead to stronger team dynamics and a better understanding of motivation.

Comments from presentations…

Clarity1“Brandon keeps an audience engaged and always excited about what’s to come.”

 “We took a risk dedicating an entire day to one subject, but it paid off tenfold.”

 “It was probably one of the best developmental experiences our professional staff has had.”

 Clarity“One important factor that I took away from the presentation was the importance of understanding our own consciousness and how it affects our moods and the way we carry ourselves. The notion of we choose to be angry/worried/frustrated was something that I found to be very insightful. The means to combat those negative emotions by objectively looking at them and the source is something I will certainly take away for my personal life in addition to leadership style.

 “I really think the principles and the challenge to apply the principles to the students everyday life were quite helpful. Understanding how this will not only help them now but also in the future and others around them.”