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Brandon B. Barile, EdD

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There is always so much pressure to know your elevator pitch! How about I just tell you about the experiences that have shaped who I am today, what I’m passionate about, and what gets my attention?


I have worked in higher education for 13 years, from a student leader, hall director, community director, assistant director of housing, associate director of residential education, director of residential education and now Assistant Dean of Students. I’ve worked at medium public institutions, small privates, and medium-sized private colleges.   I’ve worked with housing technology companies, most recently RoomSync, incorporating a practitioner perspective for customer service. I recently completed my dissertation at Northeastern University, focusing my studies on organizational leadership and my dissertation on queer chief student affairs officers.


16936336_10154792915760041_1128371342_oFor 4 years, I worked as Associate Faculty, teaching Adult Development and an introductory course encouraging students to find their personal motivations in their educational journey (Personal Dimensions of Education).

In addition to my Doctor of Education degree, I have my bachelor’s degree in English and master’s in social sciences with a concentration in student affairs and diversity. I completed my master’s project researching how LGB individuals courted their partners and why they were comfortable using that particular forum.

I have consulted for colleges, universities, and associations, serving as a subject matter expert in incorporating curriculum design in professional and paraprofessional training, and fostering exceptional leadership skills through value, communication, and emotional intelligence development.

ClarityArguably, the best part of my job is teaching Personal Empowerment, a course for students to develop self awareness and self management skills based on developing Emotional Intelligence. As a nationally certified Personal Empowerment Instructor and Master Trainer, I can not only create an engaging program or workshop designed to increase EQ, but also prepare a curriculum to help your team facilitate their own EQ workshops. I also provide one-on-one coaching, and empowerment classes and workshops.

And, the best part of life is being a part of my family–father to a 7 year old daughter and one year old golden retriever and husband to my partner of 10+ years.